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Yearly Archives: 2011

The Evolution of a Changed Behavior

Last week, Brandon Black, CEO of Encore Capital Group, shared his insights in giving feedback, and the importance of separating content from judgment when delivering a difficult message. Brandon’s evolution with this leadership behavior had several distinct stages that highlight important inflection points in making change. When Brandon first attended our programs six years ago, ... Read More

Feedback: Separating Content from Judgment

Brandon Black is CEO of Encore Capital Group. He first attended Learning as Leadership’s 4-Mastery program with his executive team in 2005-2006. Since then, he has leveraged LaL to lead a multi-year culture change initiative in his company. The dramatic results have been in large part due to Brandon’s commitment to transparently working on his ... Read More

Getting Beneath Anger With Self-Awareness

In my last blog post on the brain and its impact on our behavior, I highlighted the gap that exists between what is happening and how we can perceive that as a threat. In this post, I want to focus on the power that awareness has to circumvent that dynamic. One of my coaching clients, ... Read More

The CEO and The Journalist

I was recently on site consulting with the CEO of a large, publicly traded firm when a request came in from a journalist to speak with him. I was in his office at the time, so he took the call and put her on speakerphone so I could listen in silently and offer him any ... Read More

The Six Lies Leaders Tell Themselves to Avoid Giving Feedback

As a leadership coach and trainer, I hear tons of reasons why people don’t give direct feedback. What we don’t realize is the cost of NOT providing honest feedback to the people who work for us. Like the 55-year-old government employee who keeps being given the next hoop to jump through before he can lead ... Read More

Is your Hero’s Journey guiding your Leadership Development?

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell As I watched the documentary, Finding Joe, in the theatre Saturday evening, swirling emotions gripped me. A sense of acknowledgment that, at so many points during my life, I have ... Read More

Better Stupid than Lazy…

Or is it better lazy than stupid? Seth Godin prefers stupid to lazy, but what he is really describing is a trade-off our ego makes. Depending on our norms, we make different trade-offs. In short, we are willing to admit one negative characteristic about ourselves in order to protect ourselves from looking like another, far worse ... Read More

The Brain Chemistry of Perceived Threats

In my last post on the brain, I covered three important parts of our brain and the various roles they play in our responses to sensory input. In this post, I want to look at how perceived threats impact our behavior. I was coaching an executive who was having a problem with one of his ... Read More

Do You Know These Three Different Parts Of Your Brain?

There are more neurons in our brains than stars in the Milky Way, and nobody fully understands how our brains really work. Still, as the statistician George E. P. Box wrote, “all models are wrong, but some are useful.” So, over the next few blog posts I will provide a simplified model (taken from our ... Read More

A White Man’s Racial Stereotypes

I stared at the piece of paper in front of me, taken aback by how insightful and obvious my notes were. Learning as Leadership had organized a race and gender dialogue conference, and seven of the participants were gathered in a conference room: three African-Americans, three Caucasians and one bi-racial woman who was struggling mightily with ... Read More