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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Who Defines Strategic?

When asked to step up to the next level and be more strategic, many managers worry because they often don’t know what that means, how to do it or what it looks like. They’re intimidated by an image in their minds of visionaries like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and think, “Well, I’m not visionary ... Read More

Ego Hijacking!

Late one night last week, an executive whom I coach sent out an irate email. The following morning as he logged on to find a flurry of “reply all’s” flying around the corporate space in response, he came to regret his haste in hitting the send button.  But the damage had already been done. He ... Read More

Don’t Let Your Ego Manage Your Time

Typically when we think about time management we focus on the structural aspect of time - the practical and organizational implementation of how we manage our paperwork, files and to-dos. What we don’t often recognize is the impact of our unconscious behaviors and beliefs on our ability to be productive.  Here are three behavioral aspects of time management that undermine even the best-intentioned time management structures.

Procrastinating on Uncomfortable Conversations

Note: This post is the final in a four part series. In this final post of the series on emotional clarity as a pathway to self-discipline, we’ll examine how these tools can help leaders breakthrough the most common form of procrastination I see in US organizations: conflict avoidance.