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Monthly Archives: January 2012

The ROI of Leadership – 3 Steps to Measuring Your Worth as a Leader

How do you measure your worth as a leader? I coach a lot of leaders who express concerns that they don’t know how to measure their contributions to the organization and their people. They worry they’ve become one of “those” people at the top of the food chain who doesn’t really do anything, one of ... Read More

High Performing Leaders Replace Fears With Purpose

In our work with CEOs and executives, we have found that leaders who actively start to replace their fears — or just give more importance to their higher purpose and goals — increase their effectiveness. For example, I had one client who ran a highly visible non-profit organization, and who had developed an innovated strategy ... Read More

The Challenges of Being a Collaborative Team

  LaL executive coach Carole Levy has a secret passion: capturing the foibles of leaders and teams with her unique, artistic vision. Here are her latest observations about the challenges of being a collaborative team. Watch it at your own risk! Happy New Year and Best wishes for 2012!