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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Overcoming Ego Obstacles to Mentoring Others

Overcoming Ego Obstacles to Mentoring Others

I’ve coached hundreds of leaders, almost all of whom tell me they need to do a better job mentoring and developing the people who work for them. The problem is, that despite their desire to mentor, they often don’t feel they can invest the time it takes to cultivate the people below them. They’re so ... Read More

The Power of Vulnerability

LaL executive coach Marc-Andre Olivier explores the power we gain by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in the workplace. It was the standard CEO kick-off speech launching our WeLead training program. My client (the CEO) came in and spoke to his team about the transitions they were facing as an organization, what some of their ... Read More

Ego-Free Leadership

Welcome to the next installment of an ongoing series of FAQ blogs about the core principles of LaL’s methodology. In this FAQ, CEO Shayne Hughes looks at the ego and its impact on leadership. In the executive coaching I do as part of my job at Learning as Leadership, I’m continually reminded of the impact ... Read More