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Forgo Your Ego or Forget the Promotion

Forgo Your Ego or Forget the Promotion

by Lara Nuer When Dan, a former two-star U.S. Navy Admiral, now COO of a $500 million company, publicly berated a VP during an executive meeting, it was the last straw. Having taken this abuse one too many times in less charged settings, the VP quit on the spot, becoming the catalyst for Dan to ... Read More

Hyper-Responsiveness Isn’t Worthiness

In my last blog post, I discussed how discovering our unconscious drivers was key to getting rid of unwanted behaviors. In this post, I want to pick up where we left off and discuss another aspect of this, which is the degree to which our ego reinforces those behaviors. One of my clients has high ... Read More

What’s Really Underneath Your Unwanted Behavior?

One of my clients is your typical type A, fast-paced, multi-tasking Vice President. He can’t sit still, and his electronic devices are constantly invading his work and home life — and he knows it. He prides himself on being organized and efficient, is a Harvard graduate and a rising star in his company. He is ... Read More