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The Power of WeLead to Change Organizational Culture

A culture of authenticity, inspiration and ego-free relationships will inspire your people to take risks, go the extra mile and surpass performance expectations. Time and again, we have seen how grateful people are when leaders create cultures that make that possible. If your organization could use this, consider holding a WeLead, LaL’s in-house leadership development ... Read More

The Power of Vulnerability

LaL executive coach Marc-Andre Olivier explores the power we gain by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in the workplace. It was the standard CEO kick-off speech launching our WeLead training program. My client (the CEO) came in and spoke to his team about the transitions they were facing as an organization, what some of their ... Read More

Getting Beneath Anger With Self-Awareness

In my last blog post on the brain and its impact on our behavior, I highlighted the gap that exists between what is happening and how we can perceive that as a threat. In this post, I want to focus on the power that awareness has to circumvent that dynamic. One of my coaching clients, ... Read More

The Brain Chemistry of Perceived Threats

In my last post on the brain, I covered three important parts of our brain and the various roles they play in our responses to sensory input. In this post, I want to look at how perceived threats impact our behavior. I was coaching an executive who was having a problem with one of his ... Read More

Do You Know These Three Different Parts Of Your Brain?

There are more neurons in our brains than stars in the Milky Way, and nobody fully understands how our brains really work. Still, as the statistician George E. P. Box wrote, “all models are wrong, but some are useful.” So, over the next few blog posts I will provide a simplified model (taken from our ... Read More