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Multitasking: Public Enemy #1 of the Strategic Leader

Multitasking: Public Enemy #1 of the Strategic Leader

Do you ever come to the end of a work day feeling spent, aware you’ve been slammed all day, putting out fires, responding to near-incessant demands, but still wonder what you really accomplished? You’re not alone. In “Multitasking: Public Enemy #1 of the Strategic Leader”, LaL’s Chief Possibilities Officer Marc-Andre Olivier tells the story of ... Read More
What does neuroscience have to say about hot buttons? A LOT!

What does neuroscience have to say about hot buttons? A LOT!

Longtime LaL senior executive coach, culture change partner and facilitator Carole Levy — our cartoonist-in-residence — shares her unique perspective on the neuroscience of the birth and nurturing of our ego’s hot buttons in her popular blog series, “Hot Button Mastery”. For a brief overview on where the roots of our perceived threats reside, and ... Read More
3 Leadership Dysfunctions That Could Be Costing You Millions

3 Leadership Dysfunctions That Could Be Costing You Millions

Brandon Black, the former CEO of Encore Capital, was a client of LaL’s for several years while he struggled to grow the company in a challenging industry — debt collection. Brandon teamed up with his coach, LaL President Shayne Hughes, and the LaL team to change the culture of Encore, starting at the top. This ... Read More

What Male Leaders Desperately Want

Learning as Leadership’s work is more than just teaching executives to be effective in their leadership, or to build high-performing teams and cultures. It’s about supporting men and women in positions of weighty responsibility to let go of their Egosystem and rediscover their humanity. This makes them far more inspiring and trusted leaders, allows their ... Read More

We are Links in a Chain

By Noah Nuer, Chairman, LaL A CEO who was attending the first seminar in our 4-Mastery program shared with me his quandary: Over the course of his career, he had worked with many outstanding individual contributors, but he wasn’t sure he was ever part of a real team. In other words, his teams had always ... Read More

What does my childhood have to do with my leadership?

By Shayne Hughes “That’s just the way he is.” How many times have you heard or uttered that phrase? John is a risk-averse CFO, unwilling to make a decision without all the facts. Linda, in operations, is conflict-averse; everyone knows she won’t address personnel problems or speak up in meetings. Only God knows what she’s ... Read More

Vulnerability Does Not Equal Weakness

I work with many clients who had to be tough to succeed. Whether they’ve had to overcome challenging life circumstances to get where they are or they grew up in a “normal” household, many people I coach did not become successful by being average! As they moved up the ranks from acceptance into the top ... Read More

The Secret to Giving Transformational Feedback

Recently while I was collecting feedback from a colleague of a client as part of an in-depth 360º assessment, I was struck by something rare: The opinions she shared were unusually direct, detailed and thoughtful, yet clearly coming from a place of love and compassion for our client. In my role as a 360º feedback ... Read More

The Courage to Lead Culture Change

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker   Creating change is an act of courage. In this month’s issue of Fortune magazine, former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz is quoted saying to incumbent CEO Marissa Mayer, faced with the daunting task of rebuilding Yahoo, “I really wish her well. Changing culture is not a sprint. It’s ... Read More