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3 Leadership Dysfunctions That Could Be Costing You Millions

3 Leadership Dysfunctions That Could Be Costing You Millions

Brandon Black, the former CEO of Encore Capital, was a client of LaL’s for several years while he struggled to grow the company in a challenging industry — debt collection. Brandon teamed up with his coach, LaL President Shayne Hughes, and the LaL team to change the culture of Encore, starting at the top. This ... Read More
How to Leverage a New Insight

How to Leverage a New Insight

By Jonathan London If you’re in a leadership position in almost any organization, chances are you’ve attended your fair share of leadership development and teambuilding retreats. It’s not always easy to pry ourselves away from the crisis du jour, but doing so provides something invaluable: perspective. Outside the reactive, rapid-fire thinking that dominates much of ... Read More

If money doesn’t buy motivation, then what does?

by Noah, Nuer, Chief Learning Officer, Culture Change Partner, LaL You want your employees to be motivated and outperform themselves. It’s good for the company and it’s good for you. One could argue, in fact, that it’s an intricate part of your job as a manager and a leader. Yet how can you influence that ... Read More
Setting Limits to Others’ Anger

Setting Limits to Others’ Anger

This blog post is the second in a series on anger. The previous post, “Damn, I just lost my temper again” delved into the difficulties of mastering our own anger. Below, I explore setting limits when others get angry with us or around us. What do you do when someone gets angry with you? Freeze, ... Read More

Changing Limiting Behaviors

Welcome to our ongoing series of FAQ blogs about the core principles of LaL’s methodology. In this FAQ, CEO Shayne Hughes discusses what prevents us from changing behaviors that don’t serve our goals. Q. Most people know the pain of trying to change a behavior like being argumentative or procrastinating. Why is it so difficult ... Read More

The Power of Vulnerability

LaL executive coach Marc-Andre Olivier explores the power we gain by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in the workplace. It was the standard CEO kick-off speech launching our WeLead training program. My client (the CEO) came in and spoke to his team about the transitions they were facing as an organization, what some of their ... Read More

Ego-Free Leadership

Welcome to the next installment of an ongoing series of FAQ blogs about the core principles of LaL’s methodology. In this FAQ, CEO Shayne Hughes looks at the ego and its impact on leadership. In the executive coaching I do as part of my job at Learning as Leadership, I’m continually reminded of the impact ... Read More

Time Management Week Blog Post – Creating the Optimal Week

Did you know that February is officially National Time Management Month in the United States? Here at Learning as Leadership we thought we would do our part to celebrate by posting a two-part FAQ series with our COO Samantha Cooprider, on how you can create your optimal week. What does it mean to create an ... Read More

Why Venting Is A Trust Buster

I recently worked with a leadership team who had a history of triangulation and venting. They decided that in order to accomplish their organization’s objectives, they needed to have greater trust and transparency among them. This type of venting takes place on teams all the time. Although we often don’t mean it to be harmful, ... Read More