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Let’s change the world, one ego at a time (starting with mine)

Let’s change the world, one ego at a time (starting with mine)

By Lara Nuer 15 years ago this day, Claire Nuer (pictured at left) who co-founded the LaL methodology 30 years ago, passed away.  She was my mother, my mentor and my best friend. She inspired these thoughts in me, as a wish for 2014 and beyond. I believe we are born with a need to ... Read More
Emptying our Psychological Closet

Emptying our Psychological Closet

By Carole Levy To create change and novelty in our life, we first need to empty our psychological closet. We don’t need to get rid of everything, but mixed in with our life experiences — events, conclusions, accomplishments, failures, dreams — are habits that clutter and confuse us. To create space for the emotions and ... Read More

High Performing Leaders Replace Fears With Purpose

In our work with CEOs and executives, we have found that leaders who actively start to replace their fears — or just give more importance to their higher purpose and goals — increase their effectiveness. For example, I had one client who ran a highly visible non-profit organization, and who had developed an innovated strategy ... Read More

Breaking Through the Other Glass Ceiling – Your Ego!

A recent McKinsey report quoted in the Wall Street Journal states that only 11 chief executives of Fortune 500 companies are women, down from a peak of 15 in 2010. Likewise, in her TED talk (see video below) Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg enumerates the woeful lack of women in top positions around the globe.  Sandberg places some of the responsibility for this on women themselves, rather than on external forces such as sexism. She says, "Women systemically underestimate their own abilities."