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Learn a Powerful Tool in Our New Free Booklet: Making Others Good

MOG CoverDoes your team need more trust and collaboration? Do you wish the silos and ‘Us vs. Thems’ in your organization could dissolve? You have a relationship with a colleague who “just doesn’t get it” — what do you do about it?

What if there were proven tools that could dramatically reverse this dynamic?

In Making Others Good: The Crucial Tool for Transforming Dysfunction in Your Organization, Learning as Leadership’s President Shayne Hughes tells of two directors in a large technology company whose conflict creates an ‘Us vs. Them’ power struggle between their teams, delaying several products and hurting the company’s competitiveness – and how the resolution launched it ahead of industry benchmarks.

This dynamic – what LaL calls “Making Others Bad” – is happening right now in every large organization in America. It can manifest as passive aggressiveness, assuming negative intent, protecting one’s turf, or undermining and it is why teams of very smart people can function below the sum of their collective talents. Yet it is rarely intentional and entirely avoidable.

Making Others Good identifies ten ways people Make Others Bad and why, as well as six steps to shift to Making Others Good – an organization’s greatest competitive advantage.

“The concept of ‘Making Others Good’ is the secret of life and the key to a thriving organization. If you use this hugely powerful idea, it changes everything.”  —  George McCown, Co-Founder & Operating Partner, American Infrastructure MLP Funds

‘Making Others Good’ is incredibly powerful. I truly believe it, and I talk about this principle regularly.” — Joshua Freedman, COO, Six Seconds EQ Network

“Clear, powerful, accessible, wise.”  — Charles F. Behling, PhD, Co-Director, The Program on Intergroup Relations (Retired), The University of Michigan

 To download your free copy of Making Others Good, click here.

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