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LaL 360º Feedback

You open a drawer and pull out an old 360º feedback report. You remember finding it interesting at the time, but has anything changed? LaL 360º feedback is different. It’s an unforgettable blend of open-ended qualitative interviews, expert analysis, and powerful debrief that fosters lasting insight, clarity, and motivation by design.

Many 360º feedback assessments rate you on a set of pre-determined skills or competencies. This might be sufficient early in your career, but if you’re a seasoned leader navigating a complex web of responsibilities and relationships, you need concrete, nuanced feedback that’s tailored to you. Enter LaL 360º.

LAL Feedback captures how you are experienced through your behavior patterns – both productive and counterproductive – and their impacts, as well as the unique challenges you face in your role and beyond.

Some 360º feedback reports are dozens of pages long, the result of complicated analytical instruments, yet the message isn’t clear. Qualitative feedback is often relegated to an “Anything Else?” section where you’re left to make sense of a variety of out-of-context comments.

LaL’s product will provide you with a clear picture of where you are in your development as a leader with enough detail to make it meaningful and real.


It’s natural when reading through a feedback report to go quickly – skimming through comments that you’ve “heard before”, dismissing those that you disagree with and not really integrating anything new. Even when you earnestly want to grow, it’s easy to internalize your feedback as a list of “shoulds” that you need to power through.

Real growth isn’t intellectual – it’s emotional. And it doesn’t happen quickly or by “powering through”. LaL 360º’s coach-facilitated debrief is a deep dive designed to help you emotionally connect with the underlying dynamics that drive your behavior. You’ll move beyond the “shoulds” and truly own your next level.



1 call before the interviews

An experienced LaL coach guides you through a self-assessment, helping you define developmental priorities and whose people would be best to give you a complete and meaningful qualitative feedback.


Happening in the background

LaL 360º engages a strategically selected group of key stakeholders in open-ended interviews, supporting them to clearly articulate


Happening in the background

LaL 360º synthesizes the rich content of multiple interviews into digestible behavioral themes while keeping the verbatim comments intact.


3-4 coaching calls

LaL 360º’s coach-facilitated debrief is a deep dive designed to help you emotionally connect with the underlying dynamics that drive your behavior.

Learning as Leadership’s 360º Feedback process is available as a stand-alone service or as an integral component of the LaL suite of programs. If you’re looking for a true “revolution in your evolution,” consider combining 360º Feedback with our Personal Mastery workshop or our comprehensive 4-Mastery graduate program.