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Personal Mastery

Lead With Your Full Capacity
Even Under Intense Stress

Nine days to understand yourself as never before. Undo decades of unproductive automatic reactions; learn the skills you need to reenergize yourself. This is the essence of Personal Mastery.

Know your Derailleurs

You have many strengths as a leader — yet sometimes you react poorly. You take charge when you should empower, get abrasive when you should listen, shut down when you could contribute. How you respond when life challenges you is the true test of leadership.

Learn what your “ego-triggers” are, and when and how they short-circuit your capacities. Explore how what got you where you are today may be in the way of where you’re going. Discover a new path to nurturing your important relationships, being an outstanding contributor and reaching your highest goals

Overcome the Root Cause

“That’s just the way I am.” “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” “My feedback says the same thing every year.” Many personality traits seem hard-wired.

Like all of us, you have engrained thought patterns that influence how you communicate, pursue your goals, and respond to adversity. Some help you; others are problematic. Self-limiting behaviors can not be wished away; you need to unwire the original driver from your childhood.

Personal Mastery teaches you to identify and work through the root cause of counter-productive behaviors, empowering you to actually change in ways you didn’t think were possible. 

Be Guided by Your Passion

Bring a unique product to market, stretch yourself into new skills, mentor your team, leave a legacy… Conscious or unconscious, you have inspiring passions that can get sidelined both by the stresses of life and your Ego’s ulterior motives.

When you master your ego drivers, the world and your aspirations take on new energy. Unleash the clarity and stamina to overcome your derailleurs. Be guided, on a daily basis, by what you care most about.



I let go of proving I’m the smartest guy in the room, greatly enhancing my ability to unleash my team’s full potential.

Steve Macadam
Enpro Industries

No other program helped me uncover the root causes of my unhelpful behaviors, and provided real tools for change.

Brandon Black
Encore Capital Group

I have never taken part in any other training that had such a powerful effect on me.

Bruce Trachtenberg
Executive Director
Communications Network

LaL’s approach to systemic change is unique in its potential for trans- formative learning.

Debra Meyerson, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Education and Business
Stanford University

Personal Mastery was amazing and has positively impacted my life both personally and professionally.

Felipe Walker
Director of Customer Operations

It left me uplifted and clear about what is important in my life and work.


Mike Rauth
Senior Director
Fairchild Semiconductor

Personal Mastery is the most thorough and complete work I’ve done in this field.

David Peter Stroh
Co-founder, Innovation Associates
Charter member, SOL

LaL is a very powerful way to hold a mirror up to your life and see clearly how you’re getting in the way of what you want to create.

Jeff Bradach
Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Personal Mastery PROFESSIONAL

A CUSTOMIZED PROCESS: An LaL coach will work with you (preferably through a 360º Feedback Assessment) to understand your context, behavioral and communication challenges, and overall growth opportunities. Your coach then supports you in the seminar to tailor our comprehensive self-reflection methodology to your needs. You will generate in-depth, personal self-awareness of what makes you tick, why you react — and how to show up differently.  You surface these realizations with a diverse group of leaders forging their own insights, which gives you a non-threatening environment to grapple with your developmental needs.




2 Coaching calls before first workshop 

Our experienced coaches guide you through a self-assessment, helping you define developmental priorities as they get to know you and your context.


9-day workshop

Become aware of your triggers and your unproductive habits, trace back their root cause, acquire the tools to overcome them, and practice leading from your highest self. This seminar is an unexpected, profound journey to self-mastery.


3 Coaching calls after the workshop 

Translating your insights into day-to-day changes back home is where the rubber meets the road. A trusted coach who knows you and your context is an invaluable support structure as you work on your Areas For Improvement (AFIs).


Upgrade to Personal Mastery EXEC...


The EXECUTIVE option gives you more in-depth coaching
and feedback with a Senior Executive Coach.


[two_columns height=”175″ border=”border”]COACHING EXEC

Upgrade to a Senior Executive Coaching

Benefit from the guidance of a Senior Executive Coach who has supported hundreds of senior leaders on a wide range of issues, from reaching a next level to building high-performance teams to implementing culture change. Coaching calls are 1 hour instead of 45 minutes.[/two_columns]


For Senior Leaders managing complexity

Our unique 360º Feedback gives you a powerful, detailed synthesis of how you are perceived and how you impact those around you. The Executive upgrade also covers team dynamics, collective business challenges & organizational cultural traits. Your Senior Executive Coach handles your feedback debrief and related coaching.

(More info on 360)


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Cutting Edge Methodology

Our programs are considered by many leading academics in business and psychology to be a uniquely transformative leadership program.

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