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Joshua Margolis, PhD

Advanced Mastery helps uncover how we invisibly get in our own way, divert ourselves and tell ourselves myths about “what must get done” and “what no one else can do but me.” It then enables us to clarify our goals and essential tasks, so that we can commit our energy and efforts to those — ... Read More

John Blankensop

The Advanced Mastery seminar is what put it all together for me — it’s where the rubber meets the road. Now I am able to more effectively cover the big picture and all the bases, staying focused on the essential.

Lynette McKinnon

More in control of my time, while being productive and effective with much less stress.

Lynn Carbone

Doing Advanced Mastery really helped me synthesize Personal Mastery more and pulled it all together more clearly with real application.

Bill Moon

Very powerful discoveries were made in Shared Mastery that resulted in permanent improvements.

Keith Drucker

It is obvious the LaL team cares about the work they do and the professionals they work with. In Advanced Mastery, it’s so impactful that they’re leading by example, rather than just teaching a curriculum.

Joseph Stefko

Advanced Mastery exceeded my every expectation and has positioned me to be more strategic and valuable to my organization.
Milt Childress

Milt Childress

I am leaving the seminar excited about living more in the present while being intentional about the future.
Jan Jaffe

Jan Jaffe

The seminar helped me uncover what fueled my sense of pressure and anxiety about too much to do and too little time. I left with greater clarity about my goals in a variety of aspects of my life, clear road maps for them and tools to create an abundance of time to do what is essential.