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Lynn J.

My team and I were tasked with the complete overhaul of the lab infrastructure — there were many obstacles to overcome: territorial struggles, stovepipe thinking, etc… As a leader of my peers, I had no direct authority over a team accustomed to running their own organization. We attended LaL together and learned to collaborate and ... Read More

Doug Dwoyer

As a typical introverted technical geek, I was afraid to step outside my comfort zone. I attended LaL to work on my tendency to avoid conflict and my difficulty initiating new relationships. Thanks to the training and coaching over the past two years, I am now better able to hold people accountable to milestones and ... Read More

Lorenda Batson

I especially liked that the coach spent time not only with the feedback, but my thoughts, emotions and feelings about each feedback response. That was extremely helpful for me not only at the time, but also when I got to the Personal Mastery course and began my introspective journey. For me it was good to ... Read More

Douglas Arbuckle

The feedback process is well thought out and comprehensive. The ‘feedback collectors’ ask great questions and gather very good raw information, and LaL’s coaches are outstanding at analyzing and understanding this information and presenting it to the individual.

Eric Lin

It was helpful to hear in the feedback a narrative rather than bar charts and statistics. There were more nuances in what came out.

Rich Cavanagh

LaL’s 360º Feedback put the information in the context of things that I wanted to work on, and brought out recurring themes that I hadn’t fully appreciated.  Prior feedback from other organizations did not relate the feedback to specific events or relationships, but simply reported back at a high level, leaving me grasping for specifics on ... Read More

Lewis H. (Harry) Spence

My experience of LaL’s year-long leadership training program has improved my daily experience of life at the most fundamental level. Conflicts that have been a source of agitation and struggle over decades have moved to resolution; I am more comfortable in my life, my relationships and my various public and private roles than I ever imagined ... Read More

Kathy Johnson

As the Employee and Organizational Development Manager, I have certainly had my fair share of experiences with training initiatives — LaL is definitely a cut above in terms of sustainable team building and leadership skills.

Roy Bridges

I have had many opportunities during my 48-year career for personal development and growth. Several years ago when I embarked upon the most recent such program (LaL), you might have thought I shouldn’t have a lot to learn about myself or leadership, but you would be wrong. LaL is one of the most effective programs ... Read More