“Is this all there is?  I want to unlock my untapped potential.”

Rising to new challenges, inspiring your team, creating meaningful relationships.
It all starts with you.

What unconscious mechanisms trip you up?
How can you create the results you know are possible?

Learn how to generate dramatic, sustainable change in your life.


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Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a leader is the first step to transformational work. Our unique 360º Feedback gives you a powerful, specific synthesis of how you are perceived and your impact on those around you. As you debrief with a coach, you will build a clear vision of your key areas for improvement. This clarity serves as a crucial starting point for your self-exploration in Personal Mastery.

This isn’t a generic survey you tuck away in your drawer — be ready to find out the truth of how you help, and hinder, your environment.

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The ingrained behaviors you want to change have been there for decades — to change them, you need to unwire why they started in the first place. This seminar is an unexpected, profound journey to self mastery. Become aware of your triggers, how to overcome them, and learn to lead from your highest self. Included here:

Personal Mastery Seminar
2 Pre-Seminar Coaching Calls
3 Post-Seminar Coaching Calls

Attend at your own risk — Personal Mastery is for people who want a revolution in their evolution.

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Invest in your most important resource: yourself. Work with your coach to set a clear vision of how you want to grow in the next 10-12 months — and then use our integrated program of feedback, training and individual coaching to make those changes a reality.

 360º Series (2 rounds)
 Personal Mastery Seminar
 Advanced Mastery Seminar
 14 Post Seminar Coaching Calls

A year is a minimum for those who are serious about their evolution.

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