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Welcome to the new LaL Blog!

Welcome to LaL’s blog! We spend a lot of time with our seminar participants telling them to be open to experimenting with life. Being willing to experiment makes it so much easier to try new things. It can help us disconnect from the need for a certain outcome, to instead concentrate on the process. Its a way to live life.

Here, we intend to experiment. You can expect to see posts about our upcoming seminars and other events. But you will also find posts from the staff sharing our own learnings. We’ll include links to some of our personal projects that we want to share with the world, as well as links to other resources we think you will find of interest. We’ll share some case studies, videos and audio from our seminars over the years. And probably some other things we haven’t even thought of yet.

Please comment freely and often and share your own experiences and insight. We see this as a joint experiment with all of you. We invite you along for the ride.

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