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Make your own cartoon tool to succeed at work!

Being clear on who we are and what we have to do at work is indispensable to keep our ego-system in check, to cultivate a learning mindset and to operate from a place of peace of mind for the greater benefit of our team and organization.

Because I’m a cartoon designer, I came up with a few tools to help me engage fully in my upcoming year and guide me along the way:

A clear framework that captures a snapshot of my role, responsibilities, past accomplishments, future objectives, priorities and learning curves:


A portable version of my strengths (talents, skills, super-power, essential needs, values and inspirations):


And a portable version of my weaknesses (counter-productive tendencies and typical hot buttons):


Preferably opened:




Here I am, charged with new tools but alleviated from stress!


To download my new tools use the following links:

–  Blank Framework

–  Blank Strengths Box

–  Blank Weaknesses Box

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