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Joshua Margolis, PhD

Advanced Mastery helps uncover how we invisibly get in our own way, divert ourselves and tell ourselves myths about “what must get done” and “what no one else can do but me.” It then enables us to clarify our goals and essential tasks, so that we can commit our energy and efforts to those — ... Read More

Jim Eagen

To say Personal Mastery had a profound impact on my view or my current situation would be limiting. I know that I’m better equipped right now to deal with my pressing issues than before. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Robin Ely, PhD

It is astonishing how each step in the One-Year Program goes ever deeper toward the core issues, offering a unique opportunity to step back and examine one’s life with the most powerful analytical lens I have ever encountered. This work constantly provides new insights that make my life richer and more satisfying both at work ... Read More
Sue Ashford, PhD

Sue Ashford, PhD

As an academic administrator, I play a diverse set of roles and interact with a wide variety of constituents. LaL gave me a lens and framework for seeing clearly the ways that I contribute to the frustrations I sometimes experience on the job. More importantly, it gave me a roadmap for creating the kind of ... Read More

Ross Peterson‐Veatch, Ph.D.

LaL has provided me with a concrete way to build a culture of learning not only through developing programs for students and faculty, but also through carrying out my everyday responsibilities as an administrator. I would highly recommend LaL to any leader in higher education.

Jennifer Crocker, PhD

The One-Year Program allowed me to make a fundamental shift in my approach to my work as a university professor. As I took a hard look at my behavioral patterns, I realized that I spent a lot of my work life taking on jobs because they validated my standing and value, not because they were ... Read More
Debra Meyerson, PhD

Debra Meyerson, PhD

LaL’s approach to systemic change through personal development is unique in its depth and potential for transformative learning. By midway through the Personal Mastery seminar I had constructed a mirror that provided an undeniable reflection of the patterns of my life, the motivations that drive these patterns and — most painfully — the costs of ... Read More