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Andrew Mahtaney

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the LAL team for the past 3 years. From attending The One Year Program (a.k.a., EgoFree Leadership program) with my boss and peers to now doing WeLead with my team and overall 90 of us, the experience has been unlike any other. On the personal side, while I’ve ... Read More
James Seymour

James Seymour

I was skeptical that LaL would have a meaningful impact on how I interact with people, but it has. I waste far less time and energy on frustration. It was surprising—through this program, making these changes was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.

John Blankensop

The Advanced Mastery seminar is what put it all together for me — it’s where the rubber meets the road. Now I am able to more effectively cover the big picture and all the bases, staying focused on the essential.

George McCown

This program offers the most powerful set of conceptual and practical tools for business and life that I have yet encountered. My partners and I are using Learning as Leadership’s work as a centerpiece for defining and implementing our company’s mission in all aspects. It is profoundly impacting our firm and, in turn, our 15 portfolio ... Read More

Bob Sheffield

I attended Team Advanced Mastery with a colleague at Shell who was critical to the success of a special project I’d been assigned. He probably felt threatened by the fact that I’d been given the project which was all about improving the area for which he was responsible. The seminar helped us see the situation ... Read More

Alison James

I have worked with the team at Learning as Leadership for many years. They deliver high-impact, in-depth, developmental programs that fundamentally transform the way leaders lead and build relationships. They are one of the most impactful organizations in this space that I have ever worked with.

Felipe Walker

I learned more in nine days than I learned in two years reading leadership books. Personal Mastery was amazing and has positively impacted my life both personally and professionally. In the IT industry when a problem occurs you fix the problem then you look for the root cause. That is what Personal Mastery did for ... Read More

Peter Fritz

The personal revolution and growth I’ve experienced has had a major impact in both my personal and professional life. I am amazed at how much clearer my thoughts/processes have become and how that translates to growth. This is truly a remarkable life-altering program and one that I recommend highly.

Ben Phillips

I discovered the incredible power as a leader of being willing to drop the mask, be vulnerable and say “I don’t know.” I went to LaL for better self-understanding, and now I am continually challenging myself. I have to ask “am I doing this to satisfy my personal ego, or to support my team and my ... Read More

Paul Grinberg

LaL has been incredibly helpful to me over the past few years as both a leader at work and with my family at home. I have discovered that I was a person who avoided conflicts at all costs. This made it difficult for me to hold people accountable or for them to know where I ... Read More