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Doug Atkinson

I wanted to get away from the drugs and alcohol that were so pervasive at my boarding school. I had also begun to form poor habits with how I spent my time. I was mostly doing what I wanted, when I wanted — playing video games for hours at a time, watching movies or just ... Read More

The Lasater Family

The results of our son’s participation in the 1-year program have been no less than astounding. He has taken charge of his life in a way that many far older people do not. He is clear on his goals and has become a more focused, more responsible and just plain happier person.

The Purvis Family

We attended LaL as a family — 2 working parents, 3 teenage kids — facing the typical family dramas: communication breakdowns and the resulting arguments and isolation. We now talk honestly and openly about the real issues on topics ranging from the family budget to how we can support each other with our individual struggles. ... Read More

Kim Li Spencer, MD

As a practicing obstetrician/ gynecologist with a good job, a very supportive and loving spouse and two small children, defining a path for my life is something that I had never really done consciously, in spite of all my so‐called personal and professional success. Somehow, careful scrutiny of my past experiences and behavioral patterns in ... Read More

Steve Black & Zezette Larsen

We can honestly say that our lives are fuller, richer and less impaired by tension and blame as a result of our ongoing involvement with LaL. Within our marriage we have been able to get less caught up and confused by old patterns of thinking and acting. Instead of being captives of discouragement and resentment, ... Read More

Renee & Raymond Tucker

As a dual‐career couple, it is all too easy for each of us to become absorbed in our own world, creating imbalance at work and within our family. Attending the LaL programs provided us with the opportunity and the framework to learn how to communicate genuinely with each other. We are working together to define ... Read More

Lynn Carbone

Doing Advanced Mastery really helped me synthesize Personal Mastery more and pulled it all together more clearly with real application.

Kathy Johnson

Have you ever asked your kids for a performance appraisal? Wonder what rating you would get? Would my son feel that my parenting skills and behavior offered him the support he needed as a young man to accept life’s challenges and be fulfilled with school, work and recreation? Having the opportunity to examine our lives ... Read More

Irit Weir

I am so grateful for the gift LaL has given our family. My husband Ernie and our 16-year‐old son Jonathan attended Personal Mastery and it was a huge turning point for us. Thanks to LaL, Jonathan is more connected to the ways in which he can sabotage himself. He realized that his behavior was driven ... Read More
Daniel McDonald

Daniel McDonald

Over the past two years I have exposed my entire management team and my wife and three children to LaL seminars and coaching. At work and at home, trust has increased, communication has improved and mutual support has become the common focus. There is no organizational or family unit that could not benefit from the ... Read More