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Aron Sumii, MFT

I learned how much the need to protect my ego has played into my behaviors and decisions both personally and professionally. Having that awareness has allowed me to make clearer business decisions devoid of fear and do higher quality work that’s more focused on the goals of the company. I’ve turned my formerly unproductive behaviors ... Read More

Paulette LoMonaco

I was fortunate to be introduced to the LaL program. The very comprehensive 360º evaluation by my peers, co-workers, board members and friends, the week-long workshop and working with a wonderfully insightful executive coach gave me new insights into my own dynamics, strengths, areas I needed to work on as well as my leadership style. ... Read More

Troy Plummer

LaL’s engaged, competent facilitators guided me to examine how I could live more fully, both personally and professionally. It was very helpful to do this with other non-profit and for-profit leaders, and the preparatory work of the 360º feedback and coaching truly set me up for success. I do things differently today because of LaL ... Read More

Diane Robinson

When things went wrong, I used to blame people. Doing it myself was easier. I now have a vision for my staff and am committed to their development. As a result, we have had our most successful year ever.

Bill Moon

Very powerful discoveries were made in Shared Mastery that resulted in permanent improvements.

Woody McCutchen

The Personal Mastery workshop hit just the right place for me. I’ve been to a lot of workshops, and they usually tend toward one extreme or the other. Many are too touchy‐feely, while others promise to turn you into a robot‐like, efficient work‐machine. I often leave feeling like I didn’t get a whole lot from the ... Read More

Ralph Stefano

Getting honest feedback coupled with patient, experienced coaching and being with my peers in the intensive yet relaxed setting of the LaL workshop were key to improving the person I bring into work. LAL’s work with our organization, especially our senior team, has been clearly effective. We brought to LaL a new and somewhat fractured ... Read More

Laurel O’Sullivan

In the last 16 months since I finished the program, my work with LaL has resulted in new national leadership opportunities and board service for me, my growing the fundraising capacity of my organization and board support for my work. LaL helped me open previously locked doors to take my career to the next level. ... Read More

Beth Smith

Through the 1-year graduate program I learned to move toward issues rather than running away when difficulties present themselves. I am having more direct, emotionally centered conversations with my peers, direct reports and board members, which ultimately leads to better teamwork.
Jeff Bradach

Jeff Bradach

The program gave me the time and space to reflect on challenges that we’re facing as an organization today and how I could apply the tools to improve our approach. Upon returning I have already made some significant shifts in how I’m leading our non‐profit, in how I am delegating and empowering others to step ... Read More