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Aron Sumii, MFT

What many people don’t understand until they go through it is how effective having cohorts in this workshop is. Having the CEO of a Fortune 500 company acknowledging his own struggles along with me is as empowering as it gets.

Bob Sheffield

I attended Team Advanced Mastery with a colleague who probably felt threatened by my being assigned to improve the area for which he was responsible. The seminar helped us see the situation through each other’s eyes and find a way to work together without being defensive. As a result, Shell saved millions of dollars and ... Read More

Ben Phillips

In attending LaL together with my team, we realized that until we were able to have non-ego-driven, open, honest and complete communication, we only stayed on the surface of the issues. LaL has helped me to learn how not to avoid conflicts, but to use them to address the real issues and save immeasurable time ... Read More