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Our core concepts

An Introspective Journey to Lead from your Best Self

In daily life, only 15% of the forces driving people, projects and situations are typically accessible. To make real progress on a leadership weakness, create genuine unity in a team, or enhance an organization’s culture, you need to understand the 85% below the surface. Otherwise you can end up exhausting yourself treating symptoms with quick-fix solutions. The cost in time, money and energy is immeasurable.

Compared to other trainings, we spend little time in our seminars explaining intellectually what you should do. Between the books you’ve read, the trainings you’ve attended, and your life experience, we believe you have a good grasp of what would make you an effective leader. Instead we help you reveal the ‘invisible’ drivers preventing you from putting this clarity into action. Just as important, we teach you create environments where people support each other to make their greatest contribution.

Our Core Concepts - IcebergOnly 15% of an iceberg is visible above the water. Yet it is guided by the 85% below the surface, where unseen currents affect it.

Below are a selection of resources describing how to overcome your unconscious defensive routines and reach your next level. Use the filters to choose your preferred media type.

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